Sunday, June 24, 2012

Five Awesome Homemade Guns

When Danny submitted this article for our consideration, he said:
If you're interested in a little homemade firearm action from inventive gun enthusiasts, you may enjoy this article. While I personally wouldn't be willing to try any of these out (apart from maybe the potato gatling gun), I applaud their commitment to finding new and creative ways to land themselves in the hospital and shoot up beer cans.
In my own rapidly-escalating war on the neighbor's barking dog, I've tried silent dog whistles, ultrasonic bark preventers, chucking cherries over the fence, barking like a madman at 3 a.m., and a high-powered slingshot. Hmmm...maybe I should take some notes from this article before I plan my next midnight bark prevention safari....

Compensating for something?

Times are tough in an economic recession. Money is scarce and tensions are high. You may feel safer with a gun in your hand, but even a pre-owned pistol can cost you hundreds of dollars.

The inexpensive solution to this security problem is simple: D.I.Y.

Chechnyans know how to build homemade guns.

There is a thriving homemade-gun community on the Internet, creating everything from air rifles to anti-aircraft guns. These crafty creators offer an abundance of free designs, with step-by-step construction instructions available to anybody who has the time and patience to follow them.

What follows is a selection of some of the finest examples of amateur arsenals, as we present five awesome homemade guns.

5. 25 mm Pneumatic Sniper Rifle

An early example of ‘Lethal Art’.

Designed and built by ‘irwinner’, also known as ‘Czar Nicholas’, this rifle is a pneumatic-powered gun, meaning that it uses the release of compressed gas to fire a projectile. The rifle has a 2.5- foot-long barrel with a diameter of one inch and has a custom bolt-action mechanism for loading projectiles.

The majority of the weapon is constructed from various sizes of PVC piping, which can be easily sourced from the local hardware store. The only ‘unusual’ parts of the rifle are the firing mechanism, which is a modified sprinkler valve, and the scope, which is a standard rifle scope.

Pump sold separately.

No large or specialist machinery is needed; instead, a rotary tool (commonly known as a Dremmel), a band saw, a drill and some glue are all that are required to construct this rifle.

If pressurized at one hundred psi, as recommended in the original design, it can fire a small one-by two-inch projectile a hundred feet and still have enough power to punch through a cardboard box; enough force to deter any potential aggressor.


4. AWM5 Coilgun TOMBAK V3

Take this hunting and your friends will worship you.

A ‘coilgun’ uses an electromagnetic coil (or series of coils) to accelerate a magnetic projectile to high velocity. A coilgun works by having a current passed through the coil, which draws the magnetic projectile towards the centre of it. Before it reaches the centre, the current is switched off and the projectile carries onward towards its target.

This is how you build a coilgun.

Constructed by Agil Wibowo, this coilgun can fire a 55 x 5 mm streamlined projectile twenty feet and smash through a glass bottle. This particular weapon has had an electric ‘bug zapper’ attached to the end of the barrel to act as a ‘close-combat’ deterrent – similar to a bayonet on the end of a rifle in style, but a tazer in effect.

Weighing only 3.5 kg, as much as a small cat, this coilgun is light enough to carry, but with a long recharge time and a limited ammo capacity, its defensive capabilities are severely limited.


3. 9 mm SMG

Everybody needs a rotary tool.

One of the most well-known gun classes in the world, the 9 mm sub-machine gun, is a classic weapon; combining functionality with a simple, easy-to-replicate design.

A design so simple, in fact, that anyone with access to the right tools could make it.

This book got Luty arrested.

Philip Luty, a libertarian from Britain, has made available, through his website thehomegunsmith, an excellent step-by-step instruction manual on how to create a 9 mm SMG. Once constructed, this 9 mm SMG can fire up to six hundred rounds per minute at a velocity of four hundred metres per second, with an effective range of two hundred metres.

If you build this gun you won’t have to worry about your safety ever again.

2. Błyskawica Sub-machine Gun

Simple, but stylish.

During the Second World War, the Home Army, a Polish resistance movement fighting in German-occupied Poland, decided to design a machine pistol that could be easily produced by inexperienced engineers in a home environment.

Their final design was named the Błyskawica or ‘Lightning’ sub-machine gun.

The Błyskawics in action.

To allow for easier production, all parts of the weapon were joined together with screws and threads, as opposed to the most common form of construction, which utilized bolts and welding. The design was similar to the ‘Sten’, a British machine pistol also designed to be simply replicated by home resistance forces.

In total, at least 700 Błyskawicas were covertly produced in Poland, making it one of the most widely used homemade guns ever created.

1. Potato Gatling Gun

VPC = Violent Potato Cannon.

A potato gun is a commonly created homemade weapon, which is simple to build; requiring only a tube, duct tape, hairspray and a lighter, the ‘spud gun’ is so simple even a child could build it.

The DeRose family, from the United States, decided to take the simple spud gun one step further and developed a potato Gatling gun. Six barrels of hairspray-powered potato fury can launch a selection of spuds at least two hundred feet.

Those cars are about to get ‘spudded’.

Requiring only standard shop tools, such as electric saws and soldering irons, the potato Gatling gun can be built in around forty hours. The ignition system involves each barrel having a contact placed upon it. As the barrel rotates to the top of the weapon, it makes contact with a stationary, step-up transformer placed on the top of the weapon which sends current to a BBQ lighter within the tube, igniting the hairspray sprayed there and firing the potato.

So, when times get tough, ensure your defences are prepared by stocking up on hairspray and potatoes.

You can have any colour you want, as long as it’s black

The varieties of homemade weapons that can be found on the Internet is immense, but remember if you intend to construct any of the guns featured here or found on the Net, you must check if what you are doing is legal and safe.

The construction and testing of the weapons featured above can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal if built incorrectly. Also, take note that in many countries it is prohibited to construct weapons, even for recreational purposes. Remember, information is free, but action can cost you.

Don’t break the law, or you’ll end up like this clown.